Sunday, July 17, 2011

Movie Review!!! To Love and Cherish

This movie review is for a movie entitled To Love and Cherish. This movie stars Genevieve Nnaji, Chidi Mokeme, and Yvonne Nelson.

The movie is about Jane (Nnaji), a hardcore workaholic who has absolute no interest in any man. Her sister Nicole (Nelson), has quite the opposite personality. Nicole is an aspiring model who is whimsical and free-spirited. They both live at home with their mother. The family owns a top-notch company that is raking in the dollars.

On the other end, Daniel and his father's company is currently plummeting. Daniel and his father attempt to think of how best the company can be saved...until Jane's mother proposes an idea. She suggests that the two companies merge on the condition that her daughter and Daniel get married. Daniel's father loves the idea!

Both parties work on their ends to convince their children to marry each other. Both parties agree. Before the wedding takes place, Daniel travels to Abuja to "clear his mind" and comes back unknowingly creating a mess.

I would definitely rate this movie an "A". The story was excellent! I loved how smoothly the story ran. I love the ending but it kept me guessing about a few things. Otherwise, I loved it!

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Movie Review!!!! Sweet Potato/Final Sweet Potato

Time for another movie review! Last weekend, I watched Sweet Potato and Final Sweet Potato. This movie starred Nkem Owoh (Osufia), Mercy Johnson, Sam Loco Efe, and Chigozie Atuanya.

The movie begins with two love birds Utazi (Owoh) and Asa (Johnson). These two are very inseparable. However, Utazi is a coffin maker and not up to par for marrying Asa as he wishes. Asa's parents are dead set on Utazi leaving their daughter alone.

A neighboring family suggests to their son, Fred (Atuanya), about Asa. Fred is furious because he is already involved in a relationship that is going on three years. Fred attempts to introduce the girl to his parents, but they reject her immediately. Soon, they introduce him to Asa and they hit off immediately. Asa attempts to warn Utazi to pay her bride price, but he is unable. Fred pays her bride price and they get married.

Soon after, dire situations put Fred in a tough spot. He has to prove his love for Asa. Utazi, still upset about the whole situation, ends up saving the day. Sadly, things do not end so well in the long run.

If I had to rate this movie, I'd rate it a "C+". The movie was really good, but I did not like how the movie started winding down and how it ended.

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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Movie Review!!! Dirty Secret

I watched Dirty Secret this weekend. This movie stared Tonto Dike, Muna Obiekwe, Ajibola Daba, and Mary Ann Apollo.

The story is about Pandora (Dike) and her father, Otumba Davis (Daba) sharing an extremely "close" relationship. Chief Davis takes a trip and returns with a new wife, Florance (Apollo). Pandora is furious about the new arrangement and makes life a living hell for the new addition to the family.

Meanwhile, Ken (Obiekwe), is balancing his act as a professional gigolo. His main prey is usually older and rich women who spoil him with money, cars, and other luxuries. Pandora meets Ken at a party and attempts to get his attention. All efforts fail and Pandora leaves the party determined to be front stage in Ken's theater. Unknowingly, he is setup by Pandora to be caught by her uncle because he is sleeping with his wife. She "saves" him from the near-death experience and they begin from there.

Chief Davis finds out about the relationship with the Ken and Pandora and wants a "piece of the action." All the while, Florance begins to notice some strange things between Pandora and her father. Their relationship seems far beyond what she thought would be considered "normal."

If I had to rate this movie, it would be a "D+". The only reason that I decided not to give the movie a complete "F" is because of two reasons: 1) Mary Ann Apollo is an astounding actress and a beautiful at that! I absolutely loved her acting in this movie. This is the first I've ever heard of her and I think she did absolutely awesome! 2) The story line was actually pretty good. The movie is a 2-parter and I was dying to watch the second half. But here are the reasons I DID NOT like the movie beyond my rating: 1) I think Tonto Dike was trying to be a bit too "American" in her acting. I didn't feel as if she showed her originality too much in this particular movie. Secondly, I feel that many of her movies lately seem to have her always sleeping with someone and I don't think that makes good of her. I think she is so beautiful and should opt for better movie parts. 2) The movie was EXTREMELY GRAPHIC! The second part of the movie got to a point that I almost just wanted to stop watching the movie. It totally disgusted me to the point I almost wanted to physically vomit. Nigerian movies are becoming to pornographic and distasteful. 3) I hated how the movie ended (which I will not reveal). The story line was way too good for the movie to end the way it did. It was quite disappointing and it leaves you wondering what will happen. And lastly 4) I absolutely love Muna! He used to be one of my favorite actors in Nollywood; lately, he's been playing a lot of "bad boy" roles and I don't think it fits his nature. This movie, I think, was one of his worst. I did not like him in this movie at all.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Movie Review

Sorry, it's been a while since I've blogged. The review for today is "Royal Fight" and "Heart of a Fighter". This movie stars Ramsey Noauh and Mercy Johnson. The movie is about Dubem (Johnson), a fighting girl who is a bully in her village. One day, the Prince (Noauh), breaks up a fight between Dubem and another girl. The Prince punches her in the eye and injuries her. The King hears of the fight and forces the two to marry. The rest if the movie shows many of the adventures they face together and how they eventually grow on each other.

My rating for this movie is an "A+". The whole movie was extremely passionate. You can see throughout the movie how it took two very different individuals much effort to get along in order to make things work. I loved the movie and so will you!

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Movie Review!!! Beauty but Guilty

Okay, so I'm doing another movie review today. This one is on a movie called Beauty but Guilty.

The movie stars Tonto Dike. It's about a Imelda (Dike) who was headed home to meet her husband for their wedding anniversary. She ends up being hit by a car crossing the street. A young man quickly helps her out of the road to safety. He brings her back to his house to make sure she is okay. Imelda is okay but becomes intrigued by his artwork. They become infatuated soon after. Imelda begins to develop an emotional and physical affair with her art lover as she feels that her husband becomes more involved with his work and less with her. The affair blows out of control and beyond what Imelda and even her husband expected.

I would rate this movie a "C" because the story idea was great but it was played out a bit weak. Also, there was a lot of sex in this movie as well. The sex is distasteful and takes away from the movie. It was an average movie.

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Move Review!!! White Hunters/Return of the White Hunters

Hello to my dear audience! I'm doing a movie review on White Hunters and Return of the White Hunters.

White Hunters and Return of the White Hunters stars Mercy Johnson, Ini Edo, and Funke Akindele. It's a comedy film about how these young ladies embark on a journey to capture rich white men as husbands. They will stop at nothing to accomplish these dreams of marrying white men in order to attain "international status" (quoted by Ini Edo in White Hunters). Pamela (Johnson) and Tabitha (Edo) are continuous rivals throughout the movie as Pamela attempts to be ten times better than Tabitha. Tabitha has various white boyfriends and ends up marrying two of them (watch the movie to find out how she pulled that one off!). Pamela continues to be jealous because she can't even get ONE white man to look her way. Peggy (Akindele) becomes the annoying friend who also wants to catch a piece of the action.

I thought the movie was quite entertaining and funny. It's actually one of my favorites to watch. Although it is one of my favorites, I would rate this movie a C-. The reason for such a rating is because of the ending of the movie (which I will not give away). I thought the end, well, sucked! Had it been a little bit more thought out, I would have at least given the movie a C or C+.

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Nigerian Vs. Nigerian American

I received a request on writing a blog about being "African" when you are not raised in your homeland and the definition of your ancestry, ethnicity, and modernity. I think these are all great questions and will do my best to give my opinion about it.

Well, first what makes an African "African" if he or she was not raised in his or her homeland? This might be a difficult question to answer from both sides of the debate. My side is this one: I am a Nigerian-American. This means I was a native born American but raised in a Nigerian home. This would also make me (in some way) an "African"-American. My family raises us with all the tradition and culture that comes with being a Nigerian; we were not raised as Americans even though we were born in American. People born in Nigeria and raised in Nigeria may say that we are not Nigerians at all; but by default (and blood) we are. I also don't really see myself as an "American" even though I was born in America because I don't know much about Caucasian culture or general American culture. How I address and relate to people out the Nigerian culture is how I would with people inside the Nigerian culture.

I know of someone has the opposite end of the stick from me: she was born in the U.S. but was reared in Nigeria. That makes her an American-Nigerian (which is weird to say to myself, lol). Although she was born in the U.S. she was raised almost her whole life in Nigerian. I know it sounds a little backwards, but I hope you can follow me. She was reared wonderfully to the Nigerian culture. Now, would Nigerians born in Nigeria say she was not a "Nigerian" because she was not born there?

Then we have the Nigerians that were born and raised in Nigeria. Of course, they would consider themselves (and of course they are) full-fledged Nigerians. Naturally, the would be considered Africans. If they came to the U.S., I would consider them just a Nigerian living in the U.S.! Lol! I wouldn't say that they were Nigerian-Americans or American-Nigerians; just Nigerians.

Soooo, what am I trying to say here? I'm saying so long as you have an African lineage running in your veins, you would be considered and African no matter how you put it! So, I think I answered two questions at once, but if anyone wants any other explanations, hit me up!

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